Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Butterflies Litter Bag

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The Auto Expressions Litter Bag is a stylish, versatile way to clean up your car. This innovative design is easy to clean and keeps your car neat. The secure top closure keeps contents out of sight, and the bag attaches easily in three different ways to fit any car.

Technical Details

- Stylish, versatile way to clean up your car
- Keeps your car neat
- Easy to clean and empty
- Secure top closure keeps contents out of sight
- Attaches easily three different ways to fit any car
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Customer Buzz
 "Cute lil accessory" 2009-01-28
By J. Lesmeister (Rocky Mts, CO)
Adorable little litter bag...LOOKS GREAT. Velvet like material on front looks black, but in sunlight is a glittery dark blue. Very cool!

Customer Buzz
 "Best Litter bag......EVA!" 2009-01-13
By G. E. Hudson (Virginia)
My Goodness, this is the best litter bag ever! It does all I ever need for it to do as a litter bag. I put the trash in.....and it stays there until I empty it! AMAZING! That "Oxyclean" guy or the "Sham-Wow" guy should be selling them on TV!

Customer Buzz
 "Cute, But Small" 2008-09-25
By BonBon (Northern California)
IT's smaller than I imagined -- gotta read the details closely! But the design is good & keeps some trash off the floor That's the whole idea, right?

Customer Buzz
 "Butterflies litter bag" 2007-03-26
By Misty R. Zaleski (Utah)
I love the bag it is much more stylish than having a plastic bag in my car to put trash in. The only thing is that it comes with a sticky strip that you can stick it to something or a strap so you can strap it to a seat. I purchased 2 and the strap works great but the sticky strip does not.

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